This is a shout out to Aniboom! It's a great website which offers animators and artists alike the oppurtunity to do work through the internet. Due to the various degrees of talent and skills etc., clients can pick and choose which artist they wish to use. 

I myself haven't signed up for the work aspect of the site, (mostly out of fear that I might get work and not have the time to do it at this particular time with my college workload!) but I love to pop on now and again and watch the animations uploaded by the animators. It's interesting to discover what programs people are using and the different styles they're incorporating into their work.

mawsy x

This is a shout out to Aarting, a fantastic website run by a couple, who just love artists from all over the world and wanna see both their and our dreams come true!

And I am lucky enough to be one of those artists! One of my designs was picked to be made into a toy! There has been some issues with production, but they will be made eventually! :)

Until then, I await excitedly!

mawsy x

Heres a shout out to the artist David Lanham, one of my favourite artists. I love his work. It's quirky, colourful, fun but also a little bit dark at times. He's had his work made into awesome plastic figurines and also has a funtastic range of gui stuff. Not only is he an awesome artist but, hes a great guy! Emailed him the odd bit while buying some of his stuff and he was a wonderfully accommodating guy. I'm lucky enough to have two of his prints in my possession (which I framed promptly!) which always bring a smile to my face.

mawsy x
Hello blog likin' folk! 

I've decided to hop on the blog band-wagon! 

Not sure I'll be commited enough to be a daily contributor, but I'll definitely make the effort to pop on here now and again in indulge you with vaguely interesting updates of my mediocre life! Gonna stop waffling now. 

Thanks for popping by! Feel free to leave messages with suggestions, ideas or comments. I am an amatuer blogger afterall!

mawsypawsy x