I went to another workshop on the 16th, with Greg Maguire. He was very helpful and informative and made the whole experience fun and at times a little scarey... I'm still baffled by the "expressions" in Maya! It was great to see his body of work and the ins and outs behind it and what's involved in the technical side of direction for animation. We made models in the class and mine was chosen to be scans by the model scanning machine! It took and hour, but then there it was! fully formed in a max file! Unfortunately you can't work directly from that model, but never the less, it's amazing! Got some handy tips for programs and even found out you can make one of these cameras yourself with a laser pen and a web cam! I'll research that another day! 

mawsy x
I attended the Barry Purves workshop yesterday as part of the Cinemagic festival, and it was awesome! Was introduced to alot of shorts I had'nt seen before, all using different types of processes. Pixelation, stop motion, 3d, water colours, puppets etc. Just a really informative day! Super nice guy and I of course owe him lotsa happy memories from my childhood! He created Wind and the Willows! And even did the voice for Toad! I wish him all the best with his new projects!