I attended the Barry Purves workshop yesterday as part of the Cinemagic festival, and it was awesome! Was introduced to alot of shorts I had'nt seen before, all using different types of processes. Pixelation, stop motion, 3d, water colours, puppets etc. Just a really informative day! Super nice guy and I of course owe him lotsa happy memories from my childhood! He created Wind and the Willows! And even did the voice for Toad! I wish him all the best with his new projects!
Shout out to my talented friend Adam!

He's a big talent hog and I shake my fists at his awesomeness daily.



mawsy x
Heres a shout out to the artist David Lanham, one of my favourite artists. I love his work. It's quirky, colourful, fun but also a little bit dark at times. He's had his work made into awesome plastic figurines and also has a funtastic range of gui stuff. Not only is he an awesome artist but, hes a great guy! Emailed him the odd bit while buying some of his stuff and he was a wonderfully accommodating guy. I'm lucky enough to have two of his prints in my possession (which I framed promptly!) which always bring a smile to my face.


mawsy x